Junction City Reload (JCR) provides the technology offerings that enhance your supply chain and provide visibility of your inventory. Integrated Oracle Enterprise One/DSI Computer System (E1) and Oracle Transportation Module (OTM) RF Scanning, EDI. Junction City Reload operates under a fully integrated Oracle Enterprise One System from JD Edwards based in Denver Colorado. This is an industry standard tool, which is provided by a world class ERP suite. Oracle Enterprise One is designed to operate as one cohesive data tracking system, from product receipt to the final delivery at the end user’s receiving dock. The E1 (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System) and OMS (Order Management System) are fully integrated to effective manage inventory from product receipt to the ultimate destination. The System employs Radio Frequency technology for barcode reading and verification, passive directed put away, inventory tracking and reporting (down to the serial id and location level), and stock rotation (FIFO is the default).

EDI Capabilities
Junction City Reload inventory management system can interface with multiple EDI transaction sets in order to automate and streamline communication between JCR and customers.  The use of EDI allows customers to be informed of changes in shipment status in a real time environment to serve clients in a more efficient and effective manner.  The ability to send and receive EDI transmissions can also be set up on an automated basis.

RF Scanning
Radio Frequency (RF) Scanning allows Junction City Reload to retrieve data quickly and provide Clients with accurate and timely feedback in regards to their specific products inventory and movements.

Benefits of RF technology:

Accuracy – RF scanning increases accuracy by eliminating the human error associated with manual entry due to misread labels, keying error, and/or mislabeled items.

Ease of Use – Junction City Reload RF technology today is easy for operators to use, and easy for Customers because many variations of labeling can be accommodated.

Uniform Data Collection – Diverse compliance standards and standardized bar code symbols ensure that bar code information is captured and relayed in a fashion that is universally understood and accepted.

Timely Feedback – RF scanning bar codes promotes timely feedback for data which enables decision making and analysis based on current information.

Improved Productivity – RF scanning improves operational efficiency, automating tasks, enabling labor resources to be utilized in better ways to drive more efficiencies of scale within an operation.

Faxing and Auto-Email
The E1 System can be programmed with the fax numbers and e-mail addresses of Customer and Consignee contacts. Notifications can be sent automatically when receivers are confirmed in the System, outbound orders are confirmed as shipped from the warehouse, or when high priority orders are updated with new status information. Various reports can also be e-mailed automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as desired by Customers.